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The Master Branding Strategy Part II: CONSISTENCY

In our last post, we discussed the importance of branding and specifically, how your brand is much more than your logo, online presence, or even brand design.

Your brand is ultimately defined by how your customers perceive you as business. The second element of a strong branding strategy worth discussing is consistency. One auto blogger defines consistency as being achieved “when your company’s daily actions concur with your brand’s image” (AutoJini, 2017). In fact, in terms of action and movement within a business, consistency beats intensity 100% of the time. In most industries, we tend to like things that are fixed in time and produce quick results (intensity). We like intensity for the simple reason that it’s easy to measure and we can calculate the results we want--but is it long-lasting? Is it going to produce the trust and loyalty in your potential customers that can only be developed by doing things daily that match your overall values and goals and consistently communicate those values and goals to your customers? Creating a company culture around well-considered values is, we would argue, only created through consistency internally and externally. Those values and ideals will only be communicated from your staff to your customers if they are consistently practiced.

When developing your brand identity, specifically through your online presence as an car dealership, consider whether or not your content helps to promote how you want your brand to be perceived. If it doesn’t, don’t post it! Consider the consistency between your online presence and your in-store presence. Do you communicate warmth, authenticity, professionalism, cleanliness and precision in your store to every individual who walks in? In the same manner, your online representation should communicate those same elements. Chances are, you’re meticulous about how your vehicles show on the lot--you keep them clean and shiny, ready to show inside and out. If your online representation (i.e. your photos!) don’t reflect the same attention to detail, make a change. This is why Annex Room Media does what we do (part of our own business values!)--to help you reflect what you value to your online customers. For an example, check out this comparison of 6 vehicles for our clients at Country Chevrolet in Warrenton, VA below:

See our post Seeing is Believing for more information on how crucial online photos are! Every aspect of what your customers see will either strengthen or weaken your dealership’s overall message. Of course, we also know that your best marketing often comes from your happy customers. Consider why your customers would choose you over the alternatives, and don’t be afraid to inquire as to why they walked through your doors. Then, do your absolute best to communicate at every level what your purpose and message is, so that they will happily share their experience with others. Consistency in overall branding messages also produce emotion from your customers, which will be the focus of part three of this blog series. Stay tuned!

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